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Bold and Bright Traditional by Dan Santoro

Bold and Bright Traditional by Dan Santoro

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Solid tattooing, as traditional as they come.

It only takes a brief glance at his work to understand that Dan Santoro takes the history of his craft quite seriously. His tattoos are not only bold, bright, old school as can be, but they frequently have a touch of history to them as well. Santoro's work touches on all of the iconic tattoo motifs, including, but not limited to, the patriotic and military inspired themes common throughout the early days of tattooing in the United States. So, get out your pioneer gear and let's make like Lewis and Clarke into this expanse of Santoro's tattoos. 

Santoro creates some badass bangers. His pinups illustrate just how close he sticks to the style's roots. Black outlined and black shaded. Another facet that exemplifies the traditional nature of Santoro's tattoos is how he borders them with gold leafing, a motif that was quite common in the early days of American tattooing. The ornamentation in these particular pieces seem to emphasize their historic significance. His reflected depictions of George Washington and Custer, for example, point to crucial moments in the country's past. 

A penchant for folk art is apparent, as seen in the images above and below.

At the bullfight by Dan Santoro (IG—dan_santoro). #bull #DanSantoro #matador #traditional #roses #folkart

If every real tattooer has a signature, the name of Dan's game is surely "no bullshit." His approach is stripped down and to the point, bold and strong as they come.

Back-piece by Dan Santoro (IG—dan_santoro). #butterflies #DanSantoro #eagle #ladyhead #snake #traditional

For a more in-depth look at Santoro's portfolio, blaze a trail on over to his Instagram. Should you want some of his bold and bright body art for yourself, he works in Hawley, PA (in his aptly named shop, American House) as well as few days a week at Smith St. Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY. Lastly, he can be reached at

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