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Bold and Classic Japanese Tattoos by Goshu

Bold and Classic Japanese Tattoos by Goshu

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Japanese tattoos have evolved through time taking on a variety of looks. Good to see that we still have some artists rockin' the classics.

Japanese tattoos are some of the most popular tattoos to collect. No doubt that the powerful and stunning imagery of this centuries-old tattoo genre have been loved and adopted throughout the East and West.

Goshu, an amazing tattooer from Brisbane, Australia, has been creating some of the boldest, simplistic yet powerful Japanese tattoos that I've encountered in my recent adventures in scouring the web for the most awesome tattoos.

Halfsleeve tora or tiger with some maple leaves, solid work by Goshu. #goshu #japanesetattoo #irezumi #horimono #tiger #tora

Goshu's approach to the Japanese tattoo style is a solid, clean and simple rendition of classic images. The magnificent tattoos that he makes are truly reminiscent of old time Japanese tattoos: clear, bold, simple yet stunning works of art adorning the human body. Goshu simply captures the look of Japanese tattooing in the old times, proving that simplicity is key.

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Beautiful kingflower aka peony tattoo done by Goshu. #goshu #japanesetattoo #irezumi #horimono #peony #kingflower

All photos from @goshu34 on Instagram

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