Bold And Stunning Traditional Tattoos By Jan Netten

Bold And Stunning Traditional Tattoos By Jan Netten

Clean and simple yet elegant and powerful, there's something about this style that keeps it timeless.

This feature on the works by Jan Netten is to give you guys a dose of that straight forward powerful tattoo style that is unparalleled by any other.

Nowadays there are many titles for different kinds of tattoo styles. To call something traditional is to say (for me at least) that the body of work sticks to the old time approach of bold lines, simple composition and solid blacks and color. The works of Jan Netten truly reflect the style which I am talking about.

Showcasing classic tattoo imagery in his work, Jan Netten puts out incredible tattoos that look to stand the test of time. In this modern age of tattooing, it is safe to say that the traditional style is in good hands with tattoo artists such as Netten. Without further ado, here are some awesome traditional tattoos done by Jan Netten.

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