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Bold Aquatic Creations by Dani Queipo

Bold Aquatic Creations by Dani Queipo

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Bright, bold and packed with fun sea creatures, the aquatic designs of Dani Queipo are awesome.

When you think of an artist, who has bright traditional inspired designs, you should consider Dani Queipo. Known for his color filled tattoos, Queipo currently tattoos from Seven Doors Tattoo, London, and has a reputation just as impressive as his work. Whether it his quirky booty tattoos (Beautiful Booty Tattoos by Dani Queipo) or gorgeous girls (Pretty Ladies by Dani Queipo), the work of Queipo never fails to impress and his awesome sea creatures are no different. 

Sea Horse Tattoo by Dani Queipo #seahorse #ocean #oceancreature #sea #aquatic #DaniQueipo

Featuring some of the oceans top characters, Queipo's aquatic creations are filled with the same bright colors and bold style you've come to love in his work so be ready to be impressed.

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All photos from Queipo's Instagram.

Robert Davies
Written byRobert Davies

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