Bold Backpieces: Powerful Geometric Tattoos by Gerhard Wiesbeck

Bold Backpieces: Powerful Geometric Tattoos by Gerhard Wiesbeck

You'll be amazed by the complexity of his geometric blackwork tattoos in large-scale.

Regarded by some as a master blackwork artist, Gerhard Wiesbeck lives up to the title with intense style of epic proportions.

Gerhard Wiesbeck is a German tattoo artist revered for his large-scale geometric designs. He has shown impressive skills in melding blackwork and geometry harmoniously into intricate works of skin art. Elements of Pacific Tribal tattoos occasionally moonlight his works which is then added onto his heavy blackwork technique. Aside from striking tattoo sleeves and bold hand jammers, Gerhard also has a proud collection of backpieces bestowed upon very gratified clients.

His tattoos are reserved for people who are ready to commit to a long-term project and handle the majesty of Gerhard's work. He isn't one for subtlety and minimalism. When he works, he goes heavy. You'll see what I mean when you take a look at the rest of his majestic backpieces!

On social media, Gerhard isn't known as a man of many words. Instead, he lets his work speak for itself. A silent artist, letting his hands do all the talking his heart would like to express. He currently tattoos at Time Travelling Tattoo in Berlin, Germany.

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All photos of the works of Gerhard Wiesbeck are from his Instagram.

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