Bold & Beautiful Black Flowers by Kelly Violet

Bold & Beautiful Black Flowers by Kelly Violet

These floral tattoos are a lovely shade of midnight.

Kelly Violet describes her own work as "illustrative and detailed." She works almost solely in black ink, and her style's as exquisite as it is dark. While most people revel in the bright colors of flowers, she celebrates their incredibly intricate forms, using her skill at blackwork tattooing to accent the lovely shapes that flowers like chrysanthemums and roses take in the natural world.

There's something so stunning to the level of contrast that she can create using only black. The difference in the level of saturation between the various parts of her flora, for instance, is quite dramatic to say the least. She completely blacks out the stems, making the heads of her flowers more pronounced through their carefully striated negative space. The way she so delicately uses lighter hatching and stippling to create such detailed contouring in the petals attests to her skill as a tattooist. 

If you want to see more of Violet's blackwork garden, take a stroll through her Instagram. She is one of the founding members and works out of Parliament Tattoo in London should you want one of her floral masterpieces for yourself.

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