Bold Black & Grey Traditional Tattoos By Javier Betancourt

Bold Black & Grey Traditional Tattoos By Javier Betancourt

Dark, traditional pieces done right.

Javier Betancourt is a tattoo artist based in Miami, Florida who owns and works at Ocho Placas Tattoo Company. In addition to being an incredibly talented and well-rounded tattooer, Betancourt is also the creator of "This Is Meant To Hurt You," a beautifully dark multimedia publication featuring his and others' work aside from tattooing.

While Betancourt can pretty much nail any style of tattoo, his expertise definitely leans toward the darker, more traditional side of things. I've rounded up a few of my favorite bold, black and grey traditional pieces by Betancourt below. 

Don't forget to give him and his side project, This Is Meant To Hurt You, a follow on Instagram for the latest updates.

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