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Bold, Bright and Badass Tattoos by Mark Cross

Bold, Bright and Badass Tattoos by Mark Cross

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Thick and powerful traditional tattoos by Mark Cross make other tattoos look soft and flimsy! Have a look and start drooling!

Powerful tattoos do not need to be humongous or detail packed with all the bells and whistles. Just the right amount of wit, bold blacks and clever compositions might do the trick. But being an experienced and learned tattooer makes it a lot easier.

Not an easy task to be one though, and Mark Cross has been around and done all the hard work to get to this point. It is a great achievement in any tattooer's career to find oneself. Knowing what your strengths are and making use of them can truly bring out the best you have to offer.

Funky looking traditional duck tattoo done by Mark Cross. #MarkCross #rosetattooNYC #TraditionalTattoo #BoldTattoos #duck

Mark Cross' best, I would say, is solid and powerful traditional tattoos. The bold and classy look of his work is a gem to any collector with an eye for exquisite tattoos. Though they may look simple, these tattoos are some of the best to collect. The timeless nature and solid look of these tattoos make for beautiful works of art on skin that any collector would be proud of wearing throughout their lifetime.

Have a look at this awesome blog post from the Tattoodo archive: 

Awesome looking wolf head tattoo by Mark Cross. #MarkCross #rosetattooNYC #TraditionalTattoo #BoldTattoos #wolf #wolfhead

Images from Mark Cross' Instagram.

Written byrcallejatattoo

A tattoo artist working at Good Hand Tattoo, Metro Manila, Philippines. Forever a student of tattooing, art and life. A loving husband and a proud father of three. Follow me on Instagram @rcallejatattoo

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