Bold, Bright & Beautiful Large Scale Japanese by Artemy Neumion

Bold, Bright & Beautiful Large Scale Japanese by Artemy Neumion

A true master of the Japanese Style, Artemy Neumion showcases some of his large-scale works.

The Japanese style of tattoos dates back centuries. It was a tradition of warriors and samurai, and has evolved into a global phenomenon. Having a Japanese-style tattoo means that you are a badass, and their legendary imagery is still as popular today as it was with the ancient warriors.

The joy of our global tattoo culture is that a Russian tattoo artist can excel at this style, which is exactly what Artemy Neumion has done. The St. Petersburg-based tattooist has developed an appreciation and mastery of the craft that is so deep, many people from around the world come to Russia in order to get his signature Japanese-style tattoos.

These large-scale pieces just scratch the surface of Neumion's abilities as a Japanese tattoo artist. But no one can deny their beauty and intricate details. It's no wonder why he's one of the most well-respected Japanese-style tattoo artists on the planet.

Follow Artemy on Instagram if you want to see more of his incredible Japanese tattoos. 

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