Bold & Bright Traditional by Mikey Holmes

Bold & Bright Traditional by Mikey Holmes

Mikey Holmes makes killer traditional American body art with dark shading and linework that explodes with color.

Mikey Holmes is a master at illustrating classic iconography. Check out this astounding array of bold and bright pieces from his rock-solid portfolio.

Holmes illustrates pretty much all of the classic imagery traditional to the style, including maritime imagery like the awesome chest-piece of a clipper as well as objects pierced by daggers, such as the sacred heart and rosette. The way he colors his rose leafs, layers their petals, and riddles their stems with thorns is signature to his personal style. 

We hope you found these tattoos by Holmes as badass as we did. We will make sure to feature more of his new work in the future. Until then, you can keep up with him on Instagram. He lives and tattoos in Charlotte, North Carolina, so if your in the mood for a kickass tattoo, hit him up at Coast to Coast Tattoo.

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