Bold Japanese Bangers by Joe Spaven

Bold Japanese Bangers by Joe Spaven

Joe Spaven has a bold touch that brings the best out of classic Japanese imagery.

Hannya's, kitsunes, monkeys and tengu's...Spaven does it all. 

Few styles have the widespread appeal of classic Japanese tattooing and while many artists focus on large scale bodysuits British tattooer Joe Spaven opts for smaller, more refined designs...but don't be fooled they are just as impressive as any bodysuit. Holding that bold Japanese look with bright colors and thick outlines Spaven's tattoos stand out as some of the best Japanese pieces in Britain's tattoo scene and would make a fine addition to any tattoo enthusiasts collection. 

Currently tattooing from Scarlet Rose Tattoo, Milton Keynes, Spaven is an artist who knows exactly what each design needs, whether it's bold shading, subtle details or bright colors. Demonstrating that some Japanese tattoos are meant to be one shots, the work of Spaven is certainly an inspiring experience, so check out the beautiful work below. 

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All images from Instagram.

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