Bold Scarification by Dave Santoni

Bold Scarification by Dave Santoni

Scarification may be a little extreme for some but it still looks insane!

Dave Santoni is a scarification artist and his work will certainly leave it's mark. 

Whether you're a fan of scarification or not you can't deny that the results can look pretty damn cool. Scarification has been practiced for thousands of years and the modern form of it is a growing trend in the body modification industry. Of course if you're wanting your own scar design you need to know where to go and Dave Santoni is a safe bet! 

Owner of Endorphin Tattoo & Piercing Santoni is a true scarification artist and creates some amazing designs, and while some people may cringe, there are plenty that will be inspired. You can see more of Santoni's scarification on his Instagram so be sure to take a look at it, in the meantime checkout these rad scarification designs! 

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