Bold Will Hold: Strong Traditional Tattoos by Victor Vaclav

Bold Will Hold: Strong Traditional Tattoos by Victor Vaclav

Vaclav's strong traditional style is certain to capture your imagination!

Classic imagery and a bold finish are what make up the awesome traditional work of Victor Vaclav. 

If you love strong and bold traditional tattoos then you're going to love the work of Victor Vaclav. Tattooing from Tatouage Royal, Montreal, Vaclav has a killer traditional style that stays true to the 'bold will hold' old school mentality! Thick lines and heavy shading bring Vaclav's tattoos to life and have them jumping right at you! 

Vaclav's traditional tattoos are simply awesome and prove once again why classic designs remain classic- old school tattoos are the best!! 

You can follow Vaclav over on Instagram to see more of his great tattooing. 

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