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Bold Will Hold: Stunning and Bright Ladies by Miss Quartz

Bold Will Hold: Stunning and Bright Ladies by Miss Quartz

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Rich and fantastic, these lady tattoos will entice you and enthrall you.

Miss Quartz's Instagram profile proudly states BOLD WILL HOLD, and girl, we are with you. Her bold strokes and powerful color choices are fucking great, and her BOLD WILL HOLD dogma clearly comes through. These strong looking and strongly made ladies are gonna look as sharp and grand in 25 - 50 years from now, and that's a testament to Miss Quartz's talented hand.

Ladies being ladies are a staple of tattoos. They're a tale as old as time, and we've seen a lot of them. But when they're done in a unique and new way, that's the stuff of dreams. Miss Quartz's ladies are rendered in dark lines and limited color palettes, and their big rouged cheeks stand out. You can spot a Miss Quartz lady from a mile away, and that's not just because BOLD WILL HOLD.

These ladies look like they'd be your best friend at the club, and also your worst enemy if you crossed them. They have personalities all of their own, and their flushed cheeks and various accessories only further heighten their individuality. Plus, can we get the number for their hair stylist? On point.

Being specific with your ladies is the key to greatness, really. The more detailed and specific these usual suspects become, the more they stand out. Flexing your forearm to reveal a dancing hulu girl is one thing, but if that hulu girl has all her own flair, she suddenly becomes more real. These ladies are characters, not just stereotypes.

The talented Miss Quartz has more than just ladies on her Instagram, so go check her out. She works out of Voodoo Ink in Melbourne, Australia, so if you're in them there parts, go get yourself a lady of your own.

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