Bold Will Hold: Timeless Traditional Tattoos by Marco Varchetta

Bold Will Hold: Timeless Traditional Tattoos by Marco Varchetta

Italy is the modern home of traditional tattoo artists!

Marco Varchetta will have you dreaming of old school tattoos all day long.

Traditional tattoos were born in Britain, popularized in America and have now found a home in Italy with country boasting an insane number of tattoo artists who specialize in old school tattoos. Holding the traditional tattoo game down in Naples, artist Marco Varchetta is one of many artists flourishing in classic flash but has also managed to put his own spin on things. 

Varchetta tattoos a clean traditional style and his tattoos are filled with that classic tattoo imagery we know and love. Bold lines and solid color are what Varchetta is all about and so are we. His designs are bright, fun and timeless! 

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