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Born Too Late: The Retro Artwork of Thani Mara

Born Too Late: The Retro Artwork of Thani Mara

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This artist is taking us back to the 70s with her beautiful, hyper-realistic portraiture.

Barcelona artist Thani Mara is a bit of an enigma, to be honest. I first discovered her through Instagram and upon sight of her gorgeous, hyper-realistic drawings- I fell in love and immediately wanted to know more about this crazy talented, super hot chick. I found out pretty quickly, however, that I was going to have a hard time doing it. 

Artist Thani Mara at work in her studio. #ARTSHARE #thanimara #tattoodobabes #fineart

With only a Facebook page and an email address to contact her by, Mara's Instagram proves to be her most lucrative outlet in terms of showing her work... And even still, all I really know is that she's an illustrator from Barcelona who makes some of the most amazing, retro-inspired drawings I've ever seen. 

When I initially laid eyes on Mara's feed, I thought I was looking a carefully curated collection of vintage film photographs. The bright, graphic backgrounds, the 70s fashion and the easy, breezy west coast vibe instantly made me feel as though I had been transported back to 1970-something, California. After a closer look though, I realized these weren't photos, but in fact perfectly executed colored-pencil drawings. 

Artist Thani Mara at work in her studio. #ARTSHARE #thanimara #tattoodobabes #fineart

Mara's entire life seems to embody this relaxed, retro vibe. From her art to her knee-high tube socks and roller shorts- she truly seems to have been born in the wrong era. But listen, a bangin' 70s babe with unfathomable artistic talent? I don't hear anyone complaining- and I'm sure as hell not either. 

I've rounded up a few of my favorite pieces by the elusive Thani Mara below- so take a look and check out her Instagram for tons, tons more. 

#ARTSHARE: Morgwn Pennypacker & His Signature Pennypacker Skulls

Written bykatievidan

Southern girl living in NYC. Interests include fried chicken, heavy metal & sleeping. Tattoodo Social Media + Writer. @tattoodo

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