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Bottle That Feeling Up: James Armstrong's Memory Jars

Bottle That Feeling Up: James Armstrong's Memory Jars

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Armstrong's simple artistic homages to outdoorsy adventure.

Breathe in that fresh mountain air. Gaze out over the desert sands. Don't you wish you could just bottle this feeling? Save it for later and come back to it during the harder times? Well, now you can, at least in the hugely metaphorical sense. Go get yerself a memory jar stuffed with a grand scene by James Armstrong.

The winding roads, the simple pine trees, the still night sky, the crisp mountain air, the splashing waves. These jars are full of adventure. Armstrong's powerful and clean lines provide a ton of clarity, for you, our adventurer, and for the artist in you, that loves a tattoo with some sweet line work.

Desert in a jar, by James Armstrong. (via IG—james_armstrong_hmt) #minimalistic #linework #illustrative #blacktattoo #jar #jamesarmstrong

You can go so many places with Armstrong's jars. He's bottled it all for you. Each is unique in its own way, but also is clearly of a piece. If all of Armstrong's clients stood next to each other, their tattoos would seem to be part of a series. A set. A set of jars with tender and fun adventurescapes waiting for us.

Armstrong works out of Holy Mountain Tattoo in Scunthorpe, England. Check out their shop page, or swing on over to his Instagram for more gorgeous black work.

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