Brad Stevens' Bold Will Hold Magic

Brad Stevens' Bold Will Hold Magic

"Bad tattoos for bad people."

If we could start an annual parade, it would be titled BOLD WILL HOLD. Tattoo artists and tattooed individuals from all walks of life would march down the street, chanting, "BOLD WILL HOLD! BOLD WILL HOLD!" There'd be a ton of confetti, and beer, and everyone would understand our message. Bold. It'll hold.

Working out of the famously named and famously known shop, New York Adorned, Brad Stevens' bold will, indeed, hold. (It's fun to say, isn't it? Go ahead, say it out loud, no one's watching.) His traditional work is classic, clean, and clear. The dude can pull a line across his client's skin with precision, and bring a brightness to classic motifs with ease. 

The notion that bold will hold isn't a new one, and frankly, can be applied to art beyond tattoos. Old school comics have a similar, classic quality to their look. This is due in part to their printing process — printed on newsprint by a dot matrix printer, the limitations of the medium at the time made it so the cleaner, clearer, and more precise the art was, the better chance it had to survive out in the world.

Now, don't misunderstand us — skin ain't newsprint. But time is time, and it will take its toll on any medium. Sun degrades color, constant changes in temperature warp materials, and aging happens. We can all try our best to keep ourselves slathered in sunblock, covered in layers, and moisturized as hell, but your skin is your biggest, most used organ and it's gonna get some abuse. 

Traditional tattoos, with their line weight all the same, and bold colors shaded simply and clearly, will hold. They stand the test of time, both literally and metaphorically. While some trends come and go — art is an ever growing, changing spectrum — classic rules are classic for a reason. Stevens' tattoos will look good way into the future, beyond, perhaps past the apocalypse, because of their perfected lines and color choices. 

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If you need to make sure your bold holds, head to Adorned, and book Stevens. March over to his Instagram for some more traditional magic.

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