Brass Knuckle Tattoos Over 100 Clients with Mitch McConnell Sentiment

Brass Knuckle Tattoos Over 100 Clients with Mitch McConnell Sentiment

The Republican Majority Leader’s phrase ‘Nevertheless, she persisted’ has gone from meme to skin in a matter of days.

You never do know what’s gonna catch on lately, what with the world turning upside-down and all. Trump supporters took being Deplorable to heart; Hillary supporters reclaimed being Nasty Women; and now, Mitch McConnell’s latest phrase trying to demean fellow senator Elizabeth Warren has quickly moved from meme to body art. 

In case you have been either living under a rock, or the news cycle is just so quick at this point you’ve got whiplash, the basics are this: Elizabeth Warren gave a speech criticizing the new Attorney General (then-nominee) Jeff Sessions, using the original words of Corretta Scott King (you know, Martin Luther King’s wife?). Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader of the Senate, utilized a little-known rule to silence her, and then gave an explanation of why she was silenced, which included the incendiary phrase: “Nevertheless, she persisted.”

"Nevertheless, she persisted" designed by Chelsea Brink, tattooed by Emily Snow. (via IG—noraborealis) #NeverthelessShePersisted #Political #Feminist #FeministTattoo

Warren’s speech on the Senate floor might have been overlooked in this wild news cycle, but as with anything, trying to suppress something or someone will always have the opposite effect. The phrase has since then become an internet sensation, with memes popping up throughout every platform, showing famous women, historic and otherwise, persisting. Nora McIrney, an author based in Minneapolis, was among the many folks to be inspired by the upending of this phrase. 

“Those words remind me of every woman I know who has kept going even though it’s difficult or it might make you unpopular,” McInerny told the Star Tribune, Minnesota’s leading paper. “I just thought it was a perfectly beautiful sentiment. Also, I’m incredibly impulsive.”

McIrney initially intended this tattoo outing to be a small, private gathering among friends, but when she published the event, it was public. Suddenly, a Flash event fundraiser was born, and Brass Knuckle was overwhelmed by eager clients, with proceeds going to Women Winning, a St. Paul-based organization geared towards “encouraging, promoting, supporting, and electing pro-choice women of all political parties to all levels of public office.”

In this current political climate, some people are inspired to wear gear, carry signs, write blog posts — others are apt to get some ink. Regardless of how you rock it, committing your politics to your body is a big deal, and we’re excited to see so many shops and clientele coming together over it.

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