Brazilian Man Turns Himself Into a 'Walking Corpse'

Brazilian Man Turns Himself Into a 'Walking Corpse'

The man known as Cursed Gravedigger is working to look as much like a zombie as he possibly can.

A 27-year-old man in Brazil is wishing that he looked older. Not just a few year older, but a LOT older. As in, a dead person. He wishes he looked like a dead person who was just raised from the grave.

And if that was the man who calls himself Cursed Gravedigger's goal, he is actually pretty damn close.

After tattooing over 80% of his body to make it look like he is a decomposing corpse, Cursed Gravedigger added a latex mask to his face to complete the look.

The creepiest part of the body art is the maggots, roaches, and other insects he has tattooed on his body, which really ramp up the authenticity of his whole "rotting corpse" aesthetic.

Jhon Tattoo, the man behind all of the tattoos, said it was probably the strangest request he'd ever gotten. He told 9 News Australia, "He came in and said he wanted to do an autopsy on his body, and I thought he meant to do a design of an autopsy scene. When he explained what he wanted, I needed to study anatomy in order to make the tattoo."

He got the latex mask completed by make-up artist Joao Marcos Oliveira to bring it all together.

When he was asked about what inspired him to do this extensive body work, Cursed Gravedigger said, "I helped to prepare the bodies for medical examiners. The human body is very beautiful inside, and I wanted to do it on my skin."

Cursed Gravedigger has gained a significant amount of popularity and celebrity due to his "body" of work (see what I did there?). You can check out his Facebook page, and check out our previous interview with him.

Apparently doctors are even complimentary of the accuracy of the extensive tattooing. This sort of body mod really rocks, in that it's a full-on emersion. It's really rad to watch how people take their modifications to the next level, like our Parrot Man or our Zombie Boy.

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