Brazilian Stamps to Showcase Tattoo Artists

Brazilian Stamps to Showcase Tattoo Artists

Brazil is rolling out a new line of stamps that are showcasing their country's many tattoo artists.

It wasn't that long ago that tattoos were so out of the mainstream that people feared showing them in public. But over the last decade or so that has changed dramatically as tattooing is starting to be accepted as the legitimate and vibrant art form that it has always been. 

In Brazil, it looks like the government is taking steps towards recognizing tattooing as pieces of art that should be shared and seen by all. The Brazilian Postal Service introduced a new line of stamps that heavily feature works of famous Brazilian tattoo artists.

The series is called, "Tattoo  Art of Skin," and features the works of artists like Jerson FilhoPaulo Tattoo, Ivy Saruzi, and Luiza Fortes. The idea came from a man named Ademar Goncalves Rios, who suggested the idea when the postal service was conducting a program looking for new suggestions for stamps.

When announcing the series, Brazil's Correios had this to say about their decision to highlight body art: "Tattoos have long ceased being mere designs or marks on the human body. Nowadays, they are art on skin and, regardless of fashion, are a way to customize on the human skin, through the universal language of art, what one believes as being his/her essence, feelings, beliefs, ideologies, traditions and even to cover up imperfections."

These stamps have been available since November 11, 2016, so if you're a collector and a fan of tattoos, you're going to want to get this souvenir sheet that exhibits some of Brazilian's best tattoo artists. 

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