Brewing Up a Fresh Batch of Coffee Pot Tattoos

Brewing Up a Fresh Batch of Coffee Pot Tattoos

Coffee, like most other drugs, is best in large amounts

Paradoxically, sometimes sleep can be exhausting. Sometimes your brain overworks itself in dreamland, or your body gets so used to doing nothing that it wants to cling to that status quo. But you’re an adult, with responsibilities. You can’t just lay in bed – the world demands your presence. The only possible salvation lies in the kitchen where there is a beautiful pot of coffee with your name on it. The absence of this beautiful sight can cause a terrible chain reaction that results in a very bad day. But luckily you set up your coffee the night before and now that pot of liquid energy is yours. For some of us, this is the best part of the day, and something to be heavily celebrated – in the form of coffee pot tattoos.

You’ve got to be hardcore into coffee to get a tattoo of a coffee pot, but thankfully coffee makes this easy by containing the addictive stimulant caffeine. It’s almost like an abusive relationship in some ways, but when that first drop of piping hot joe hits your lips in the morning physical and psychological dependency is the last thing on your mind.

There’s no wrong way to make a pot of coffee. Well, except for the Keurig. That’s some extremely weak shit. We suggest upping your game, getting a French press, and ceasing to live as a philistine.

Coffee is your pal. When it feels like the world is caving in around you and no one understands, coffee will be there. Coffee will never abandon you and will see you through the darkest moments of this harsh existence. So gather round, cups in hand, and marvel at the wonder that is these coffee pot tattoos. Brew up a fresh pot if needed and contemplate how you could not function in this world if it weren’t for that pot of coffee greeting you every morning like an old friend.

Don’t these coffee pot tattoos just make you want more coffee? What are you waiting for? It’s one of the most enjoyable addictions known to man.

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