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Bright and Beautiful Watercolor Tattoos by Monica Gomes

Bright and Beautiful Watercolor Tattoos by Monica Gomes

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Brazilian tattoo artist Monica Gomes has a personality as bright and bold as her tattoos.

Monica Gomes can usually be seen sporting funky pink and purple hair, super fun fashion choices, and a beautiful collection of tattoos. Gomes resides in Itu, in São Paulo, Brazil, and has been working as a tattoo artist since 2004. She began tattooing when she was 17 years old, but has always been an artist and always loved drawing. 

Working in bright colors with a limited palette and minimal black linework, Gomes has carved a Lisa Frank-style out for herself. Her work plays on all the classic tattoo motifs — Pharaoh's horses, for example, and geometric flowers — with a twist all her own. She runs her own tattoo shop which is located in her hometown, but she's also a world traveler and worked as a guest artist in many different countries.

Swing by Gomes Instagram for more, or her own website to learn more about her history and her studio.

Lisa Petersen
Written byLisa Petersen

Freelance writer and musician living in Copenhagen

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