Bright and Bold Tattoos by Zach Bowden

Bright and Bold Tattoos by Zach Bowden

Zach Bowden packs some color into his tattoos!

With a fluorescent style, Bowden is an artist you need to know.  

Florida-based tattooer Zach Bowden has a solid traditional style and while his designs are very much typical of any traditional artist his color choice sets him apart. Incredibly bright and packed with energy the shading of Bowden's tattoos is the first thing that strikes you when looking at his work, and it's also the quality that makes you want to see more. As bright as a tattoo can get the work of Bowden certainly leaves an impression. 

Currently tattooing from A Tattoo Shop, St. Petersburg, FL, Bowden is an artist you're going to want more of, so check out the awesome selection of his work below ✌

All photos from Zach Bowden on Instagram

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