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Bright and Bold Traditional Big Cats by Samuele Briganti

Bright and Bold Traditional Big Cats by Samuele Briganti

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We're back with more Cattoos, this time by Samuele Briganti.

It is our cat-loving pleasure to share Samuele Briganti's incredibly pronounced and richly colored tattoos of big cats. We frequently showcase similar feline body art, but none have been quite as bold as Briganti's. His felids — a fancy word for big cats — are all fierce as hell. They seem to roar off the skin through their vibrant coloration. Here is a virtual zoo's worth of his killer kitties.   

When it comes to big cats, Briganti's favorite types from the family of felidae are panthers and tigers. The two different species invite a very different set of color palettes that suit his outstanding take on the American traditional style. The tigers' yellows and oranges clash well with how Briganti illustrates their thick, dark stripes, and the panthers' predominantly black bodies allow him to exploit more grey work and make their jowls, teeth, and whiskers pop with chroma.

Though his busts of big cats are awesome in their own right, the one's that are accompanied or infused by other imagery such as daggers, fire, and flowers are arguably the most inviting to the eye. They make the cat tattoos more complex and provide Briganti with the opportunity to show off more of the motifs that he's mastered from this traditional style's set of popular iconography. 

Bold big cat bangers by Samuele Briganti (IG—samuelebriganti). #banger #bigcats #bold #busts #colorful #fierce #panther #SamueleBriganti #tiger #traditional

While the cats are big, the tattoos don't need to be. In his smaller work Briganti is able to show how much he can accomplish with this motif in a minimal amount of space. Though they are fairly minute, each one of them bursts with boldness and vibrancy.

A pair of excellent big cat bangers by Samuele Briganti (IG—samuelebriganti). #banger #bigcats #bold #busts #colorful #fierce #panther #SamueleBriganti #tiger #traditional

We hope you like having a look at his fearsome and vibrant big cats. If you want to see more of his portfolio, follow him on Instagram. He works out of his private studio, Drum Tattoo, in Southern Tuscany, Italy, so if you're in that part of the world, hit him up for some awesome traditional body art. Also, here's a groovy short that features Briganti executing an awesome maritime-themed back-piece.

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