Bright and Brilliant Japanese Tattoos by Monta Morino

Bright and Brilliant Japanese Tattoos by Monta Morino

Clean designs and bold imagery make Monta Morino's tattoos some of the best!

If you like a sharp Japanese tattooing style, then Morino is the guy for you! 

Monta Morino is an artist of incredible talent and creativity. Using classic Japanese imagery, Morino's tattoos a have slight western look and feel to them, primarily in the shading and linework.  Now, while Morino's tattoos are very much Japanese the hint of western traditional certainly makes them stand out little bit more and gives them a bold finish. 

The combining of two styles is perfectly done by Morino and as a result his tattoos are really something special. Whether it's a classic dragon, mythological Kappa or timeless hannya- Morino tattoos it clean, bold and bright.

Be sure to give Morino a follow on Instagram after you've got a taste of his work!

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