Bright and Cheerful Tattoos by Juha Lensu

Bright and Cheerful Tattoos by Juha Lensu

Juha Lensu has a charismatic traditional style anyone can appreciate.

Finnish tattoo artist Juha Lensu is a traditional tattooer with a bit of a difference... while his tattoos hold the classic bold lines and heavy shading the actual designs are packed with charisma and are often rather unusual. Bombs, seals, tiki monkeys and Star Wars blasters are just some of the rad tattoos laid down by Lensu and each one is as good as the last. 

Tattooing from Raining Blood Tattoo, Lensu is killing it with his charismatic designs and offers a bright source of inspiration to anyone who sees his work. 

A must follow tattooer for any traditional fan Lensu and his bright style are one to watch, check out the rad tattoos below then hit the guy up on Instagram

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