Bright and Colorful Tattoos by Jessie Beans

Bright and Colorful Tattoos by Jessie Beans

Jessie Beans combines a number of styles in her tattoo work and it certainly looks great!

Traditional, neo traditional and patternwork are just some of the styles that fill Jessie Beans' excellent tattoos! 

Travelling tattoo artist Jessie Beans has a bold and colorful style that really makes her tattoos stand out from the rest. Not just limited to one style of tattooing, the work of Beans covers various imagery- it can be a traditional flower, a neo traditional inspired girl or a Disney design and Beans kills it with the use of vivid colors! Certainly a versatile artist- Beans' tattoos provide endless inspiration and are sure to brighten any dark day.

Get a taste of Beans work below and let the bright colors and bold shading inspire you.

Remember to give her a follow on Instagram for more bright and beautiful tattooing!

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