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Bright and Intense Realistic Tattoos by Dongkyu

Bright and Intense Realistic Tattoos by Dongkyu

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Incredibly vibrant and colorful realism tattooing by Korean tattooer Dongkyu Lee

These bright and intense realistic tattoos by Dongkyu are nothing short of amazing!

Dongkyu Lee was featured last year in another Tattoodo blog (see link below), but those were black and grey realism. So now, let's see some fresh, new, vibrant and intense color realism by Dongkyu, once more! I love the play of shadow and light - it makes you wonder how in the world realism tattooers can pull such off. So awesome! Check out his works below and see for yourself! 😉

For previous blog (featuring black and gray realism), click below:

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Written byminerva

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