Bright, Bold, and Clean Traditional Tattooing by Xam

Bright, Bold, and Clean Traditional Tattooing by Xam

Xam is our jam.

Xam, who works out of Seven Doors Tattoo in East London, shows that even rocking traditional can have an edge. His work is solid, clean, and distinctly his own.

Jeepers creepers, where'd ya get them peepers?!

Check out how he fills a frame with some classic imagery — the eyes, the hands, the nature of the light source. Xam knows how to rock it all, and make it his.

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F*ck yes. Roar!

Check her cool lace glove and that skull ring. Sometimes the key to breaking classic molds is specificity.

Xam is totally our jam. You can peep more of his classic-yet-original work at his Instagram.

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