Brilliant, Bold and Stunning Tattoos by Nick Mayes

Brilliant, Bold and Stunning Tattoos by Nick Mayes

To those who love bold and solid traditional tattoos, these clean and vibrant tattoos by Nick Mayes won't let you down.

The traditional bold tattoo style is well loved because of its economy of design, readability and vibrance. All of these are present in the awesome and solid tattoos done by Nick Mayes.

Sword through the heart plus a beautiful yellow rose. Classic tattoo by Nick Mayes. #NickMayes #NorthSeaTattoo #traditionaltattoo #classictattoos #dagger #heart #rose

Nick Mayes is an expert tattoo artist who creates solid bold traditional tattoos. He works and tattoos at North Sea Tattoo in Scarborough.

The bold and direct approach to tattooing has always looked so elegant yet powerful. With classic images, Nick Mayes wows all collectors and other artists with his smooth and incredible execution. The technique involved in his tattoo application is above standard, this is reflected through his work. The vibrant colors held by crisp and solid black lines are expertly done and will surely stand the test of time.

Nick Mayes' work will always be one of my favorites; timeless, simple, powerful and meaningful.

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Panther head and butterfly. Clean and solid hand tattoos by Nick Mayes. #NickMayes #NorthSeaTattoo #traditionaltattoo #classictattoos #panther #butterfly

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