Brilliant Miniature Hip Hop Portraits by Gibbo

Brilliant Miniature Hip Hop Portraits by Gibbo

Portrait tattoos don't get cooler than these little bangers by Gibbo.

Don't let their size fool you - these portraits have got it going on. 

It takes a talented hand to tattoo a portrait and an even better one to do it on a small scale. Luckily, tattoo artist Gibbo has all the portrait talent in the world. Recognized largely for his bold and colorful pop culture tattoos, Gibbo lays down one hell of a color portrait, but his miniature designs are perhaps even better. Gibbo's miniature tattoos are no bigger than the gap between your thumb and forefinger, but the detail and character he fits into the design is just insane. 

The miniature portraits of Gibbo up to this point have featured some of hip hop's biggest names and used dark black shading to bring them to life. Looking at the miniature portraits of Gibbo is like looking at a who's who of the music industry! 

For Gibbo's amazing color portraits have a look at a previous post - Radical Color Portrait Tattoos by Gibbo

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Images from Instagram.

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