Bryan Cranston Reveals the Meaning Behind His Breaking Bad Tattoo

Bryan Cranston Reveals the Meaning Behind His Breaking Bad Tattoo

The show that reinvigorated his career is now tattooed on his body.

Bryan Cranston wasn't known for much before he landed the breakout role in Breaking Bad. Sure, he was Malcolm's dad, Hal, on Malcolm in the Middle, but after that his resume was pretty empty. He had some guest starring roles here and there, but his visibility in the public eye was pretty much gone.

After playing the role of Walter White, however, Cranston popularity has exploded. He's landed more starring roles in films and his guest appearances are a big deal. It's goes to show how one role can really turn a career around!

Cranston was so thankful for his luck in landing the role, he got a tattoo of the show's logo on his finger to celebrate the show that reinvigorated his career.

Bryan Cranston's Breaking Bad finger tattoo. #BryanCranston #BreakingBad #FingerTattoo

The tattoo is super small, so it is barely noticeable, but the "Br Ba" periodic table symbol is instantly recognizable. It marks a turning point in the actor's career and shows that he is thankful for the opportunity he was offered.

And Cranston isn't alone in the Breaking Bad tattoos. Co-star Aaron Paul also got some ink that commemorates his time on the show.

Aaron Paul's breaking bad tattoo. #CelebrityTattoos #CastTattoo #MovieTattoo #BreakingBad

This is just a testament to the show's legacy and the effect it had on the actors' lives. It was unforgettable and will live on as one of the greatest shows ever written/acted/produced.

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