Bubbly Artist Pikkapimingchen Creates Lovable Cartoon Style Tattoos

Bubbly Artist Pikkapimingchen Creates Lovable Cartoon Style Tattoos

China's Pikkapimingchen creates vivid cartoon-themed tattoos straight out of a child's coloring book.

It looks like bright, cartoon-inspired tattoos are gradually making it into the mainstream, painting the scene with some much-needed color and child-like perspective.

Dragon and unicorn tattoos by Pikkapimingchen. #Pikkapimingchen #cartoon #cute #graphic #dragon #unicorn #pastel

Bold, vibrant tattoos that will take you back to the early years of cartoons are getting more and more popular these days, as seen in the works of tattooers like Woohyun Heo and Jiran. In China, a young tattooer named Pikkapimingchen is spreading good vibes with her fun, pastel-splashed cartoon style tattoos. They possess that unmistakable pronounced linework, simplistic detail, and eye-catching colors. Just the kind of tattoos that will pick you up on a rather gloomy day.

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With a style like hers, what is more fitting than a Sanrio character?

Little Twin Stars tattoo by Pikkapimingchen. #Pikkapimingchen #cartoon #cute #graphic #sanrio #littletwinstars

In her works, the Chinese tattooer tends to lean towards bolder lines, brighter colors, and chibi-fied characters. She makes an effort to make her tattoos look as cute as possible, taking cues from children's books and shows and how they're illustrated. After all, Pikkapimingchen herself is a kid at heart. 

Cartoon tattoo by Pikkapimingchen. #Pikkapimingchen #cartoon #cute #graphic #colorful

Looks like somebody also caught the Poké-bug!

I've never seen Sailor Moon look this, uhm, loony before.

Derp Sailor Moon tattoo by Pikkapimingchen. #Pikkapimingchen #cartoon #cute #graphic #sailormoon #kawaii

Even the Simpsons weren't safe from Pikkapimingchen's childish touch.

Images from Instagram.

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