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Bulldozer Tattoos and the Indomitable Spirit of Marvin Heemeyer

Bulldozer Tattoos and the Indomitable Spirit of Marvin Heemeyer

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Sometimes a reasonable man must do unreasonable things.

A small town/A mountain town/60 miles west of Denver/The city of Granby had no idea/they fucked with the wrong guy

By this point, Marvin Heemeyer had been pushed too far. He decided to take matters into his own hands by modifying his bulldozer into an armored tank and setting his sights on those who had wronged him. He covered the machine in a thick armor of concrete and steel. He fitted the dashboard with two monitors hooked up to external video cameras covered by a three inch sheet of bulletproof plastic. He installed air conditioning to keep himself cool and compressed air nozzles to clear dirt from the cameras. After a year and a half of work, Marvin’s time had come.

We hope the story of Marvin Heemeyer stays with you all for the rest of your lives. Think of him when the chips are stacked against you and remember that one man can always make a difference.

Servo Jefferson
Written byServo Jefferson

servo is a writer based in the tri-state area, though he is unsure what the third state actually is. when not writing about tattoos, servo runs a small record label, goes on countless tours and adventures, and enjoys putting together Japanese model kits of robots. the texture of Styrofoam makes him want to vomit.

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