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Butter Me Up With Some Good Flicks, Popcorn and Great Movie Tattoos

Butter Me Up With Some Good Flicks, Popcorn and Great Movie Tattoos

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These movie tattoos are sure to make you crave new ink, and a good long stretch on the couch watching your favorite flicks.

If theres anything we love more than tattoos, it's movies. Also movie tattoos. The thing we love about movies is that they are so powerful...sometimes, when you're watching a really good flick, you almost forget that it's not real. The actors, the plot, the sets and's all so good that it's basically like living life in shortened, more entertaining, form. These movie tattoos capture some of our film stills, characters, and movie moments that really do deserve to be immortalized in ink form on someones skin! We truly love Victor Zabuga's piece too...sometimes life really is a movie.

This collection of movie tattoos also introduced some new films to us that we have yet to check out! Nanal's piece of "The Dreamers" and Saegeem's film still tattoo of "The Picnic" are both films we've never seen and are now super stoked to check out. That's the thing: sometimes movie tattoos perfectly capture the aesthetic and emotive power of the actual flick in just one single image. It's really cool! Like, Katie McPayne's Royal Tenenbaum's portrait of Margo is seriously spot on. It's such a great likeness and it perfectly captures the style of Wes Anderson, and the film in general but in a brand new, and different, way.

Because we love so many different movies it would be hard to say what movie we would actually get a movie tattoo from...Studio Ghibli movies definitely come to mind immediately, and just check out Hori Benny's work if you ever feel like that may be the thing for you. He's not in this particular collection, but his stuff is seriously awesome. Movie tattoos are awesome, and maybe that's why we have so many tattoos in the first place: we couldn't decide what to get, so we just got it all. Maybe that's what we should do with movie tattoos too!

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