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Calling Upon the Forces of Twilight: Dark Art Tattoos

Calling Upon the Forces of Twilight: Dark Art Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Dark art tattoos have become an aesthetic we just can't get enough of. Sometimes you just gotta have a little evil dotting your skin.

Dark art tattoos have become an important aesthetic and style within the tattoo community. They speak to the darker forces at work within ourselves and the world, and often illustrate the strange, surreal and emotive currents beneath our reality. Many artists working within the dark art tattoo style are also blackworkers, artists who use only black ink to create their pieces. It's a fitting way to go, considering the blacker the ink, the darker the tattoo. A lot of them will also rely on antique art technologies such as engraving or etching, using line work to replicate stellar line quality that emotes ancient, dusty feels.

Dark art tattoos have been known to use primitive design motifs, as well as a lot of esoterica...things like sigils, alchemical symbology, and other things of old will show up...perhaps due to the mysticism they lend to a tattoo. Other common aspects of dark art tattoos are, of course, skeletons and skulls, notes of death that are scattered amongst the artful conception of whatever dark force you feel matches your inner demons. Perhaps that's what it's all about anyway...merging the inner worlds with the outer worlds in an artful way. Perhaps this is what all tattoos are about...

Whether you're as fascinated by dark art tattoos as we are...maybe you're looking to get one soon, maybe you have a whole collection, or maybe you just want to stare at them because you can't believe someone would get an octopus reaper with four eyes and antlers tattooed on their thigh, but no matter the reason you're now looking at these marvelous pieces, we hope that it proves how many styles, designs, and even incredibly talented artists are out there to inspire you. People say that everything has been done before, and we're positive that that is just not true.

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