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Cally-Jo's Gorgeous Black & Grey Tattoos

Cally-Jo's Gorgeous Black & Grey Tattoos

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Grit n Glory's resident artist Cally-Jo is talented as can be, and currently on your TV.

Cally-Jo's black and grey tattoos are a sight to behold. She started tattooing in 2007, but began officially at a shop in 2012. Now ten years into her tattooing career, Cally-Jo is currently featured on MTV's Just Tattoo of Us, where folks collaboratively design tattoos for their loved ones. She is working at Grit N Glory tattoo studio in NYC. 

Cally-Jo's soft black and grey style is incredibly artistic — her tattoos translate perfectly from their original, graphite drawings. Her shading gives wonderful depth to her work, and her use of her clients' skin as a midtone speaks to her artistic background. 

Cally-Jo's black and grey tattoos are timeless and stand out. Hearkening back to old photographs, her work will remain strong on skin and on trend for a long, long time. Head over to her Tattoodo to for more.

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