Canada Tattoos In Honour Of Canada Day

Canada Tattoos In Honour Of Canada Day

What else would we do to celebrate this auspicious holiday? Happy day to you, neighbors to the north

Canada is a vast and polite land just to the north. That’s probably true no matter where you are in the world. Head north long enough, you’ll be in Canada. Today just happens to be Canada Day, and in honor of our soft-spoken neighbor, we’ve got a collection of the most Canadian tattoos on the internet. And we’ve got some totally mind blowing Canada facts.

 Canada has only been an independent nation since 1982.

Parts of Canada inexplicably have lower gravity than the rest of the world.

Kraft dinner is the biggest selling grocery item in Canada.

Canada still features the Queen of England on its money because they are too polite to tell her to fuck off. They recently introduce plastic bills which are impossible to tear and also awful implements when it comes to snorting drugs, according to our sources.

Speaking of Canadian money, they minted a solid gold coin worth $1,000,000 that is perfectly legal tender.

Many popular films and TV shows are filmed in Vancouver due to enticing tax incentives.

While we only know the first few lines of the national anthem, O Canada, they apparently wrote much more than that.

Speaking of, the official phone number of Canada is 1-800-O-Canada. We shit you not. Call it.

Hawaiian pizza was actually invented in Canada.

There exists a Canadian island with the name Dildo Island.

These facts are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons to celebrate this great nation. Join us now as we look at some (presumably) Canadians who have taken this celebration to the extreme with totally rad Canada tattoos.

Don’t these Canada tattoos make you wish everyday was Canada day? Well, everyday can be Canada day – if you move to Canada. So get cracking on that immigration process, we’re sure it’s a cinch.

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