Captivating Realism Tattoos by Lee Sheehan

Captivating Realism Tattoos by Lee Sheehan

Putting a spin on realism tattoos in black and grey - and in color.

Tribal Urge in Newcastle, Australia is where you'll find Lee Sheehan creating realistic tattoos in black and grey and in color. 

The black and grey tattoos are really true to the realism style, with various shades used to recreate true-to-life imagery on skin. Sheehan takes some liberties with his color pieces, adding a more painterly or styled realism feel to them. His color pieces are rather dramatic and make an impact, whereas the black and grey tattoos are more understated and invite closer inspection to really appreciate the skin application. 

No matter whether you prefer color or black and grey realism tattoos, Lee Sheehan has got you covered. 

All photos via Instagram @lee_tattoos 

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