Carly Baggins' Awesome Pop Culture Tattoo Wonders

Carly Baggins' Awesome Pop Culture Tattoo Wonders

Aussie tattooer Carly Baggins will make you smile with her sweet collection of neo traditional-inspired pop culture pieces.

A cheery pop culture tattoo specialist by the name of Carly Baggins from Down Under is making a bit of buzz in the local shores with her lovely neo traditional-inspired pop culture tattoos!

‘My Neighbor Totoro‘ tattoo by Carly Baggins. #CarlyBaggins #popculture #anime #tv #myneighbortotoro #totoro #sootsprite

 It's only a matter of time before the rest of the tattoo world catches up and celebrates another shining star in the endlessly glorious world of pop culture tattoos. 

Throughout the years, Carly Baggins has worked at polishing her neo traditional works, starting out at Holdfast Tattoo. She is currently operating at Perth, Australia, sketching fun characters like Totoro and Stitch and then inking them on on very satisfied clients.

Carly does original designs of pop culture characters in both her style and the artists' original style — but not before giving them her own kitschy spin. The Australian tattooer also likes drawing up Kewpie dolls, cheeky NSFW stuff, The Simpsons and OC characters, and kawaii fillers. 

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The Simpsons tattoo by Carly Baggins. #CarlyBaggins #popculture #cartoon #tv #thesimpsons

For more whimsical, pop culture-inspired tattoos, see the rest of Carly's works here!

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