Carly Kroll Tattoos Animals In Teacups & Holy Shit It's Adorable

Carly Kroll Tattoos Animals In Teacups & Holy Shit It's Adorable

Can you think of anything cuter? I literally can't.

One part adorable fluffy animal, two parts decorative, fancy ladylike teacup, and one million parts CUTE AS FUCK and what do you get? Oh, that's easy. A Carly Kroll Tattoo. 

Tiny Narwhaal in a teacup by Carly Kroll (via IG- @carlykroll) #carlykroll #neotraditional #cute #animal #teacup

Seriously though. I want you to do something for me. Make a list of the cutest things you can think of. Right now. Do it. Okay, I guarantee that "baby animals" or "fluffy animals" or something of that nature is in at least the top three, if not taking up the #1 spot. Am I right? Of course I am. Now, I know what you're going to say and you're right. "Teacup" probably isn't on the list, but that's fine. Because now it's time to do some math. 


See? It's simple math. A cute animal can definitely hold its own in the squealing "awwwwww"-inducing department, but throw that shit in a fucking teacup and it's game over. Teacup = small. Small = cute. So when something is so small it fits in a teacup? Done. Before you know it, you're so overwhelmed with cuteness that you literally cannot. 

WHY IS IT SO CUTE (in a teacup) by Carly Kroll (via IG- @carlykroll) #carlykroll #neotraditional #cute #animal #teacup

We may not often have the opportunity to actually view a real life tiny animal in a real life fancy teacup, but thanks to Carly Kroll we're willing to accept that depressing truth. Her tattoos are the next best thing.  

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That's right, this Melbourne-based tattooer is cranking out enough cute to last a lifetime. Take a look below and check her out on Instagram for even more. 

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