Cast a Spell with These Harry Potter Wand Tattoos

Cast a Spell with These Harry Potter Wand Tattoos

Make your own magic with these unique wand tattoos

Welcome to Tattoodo's Harry Potter Week! We kicked things off by sorting all of our employees into houses, which went about as poorly as expected. Then we shined the spotlight on Harry himself, and then hit up the pure nightmare fuel that is the Dementors. We even questioned the ethics of owning a house elf, and that's just the beginning. Be sure to check back all week for a slew of Hogwarts-centric tattoos.

You don’t choose your wand — your wand chooses you. In the Harry Potter series, your wand, much like the House you’re sorted into, says a lot about your personality. So it’s no surprise a lot of huge HP fans have gotten their own wands tattooed onto their bodies. Much like tattooing your birth sign, your favorite animal, or your hometown onto your body, getting your own wand is a great way to express your own personal magical powers.

Only a small amount of trees can produce magic, according to shop owner and wand-maker Garrick Ollivander, who we first meet in the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Ollivander runs Ollivander’s, a wand shop that’s been in his family since 382 BC. Ollivander’s mind is sharp as can be, despite the notion that he’s in his nineties in the first book — he distinctly remembers every wand he’s sold, including Harry’s parents, and even the wand of He Who Shall Not Be Named. As he sizes Harry up, unblinking, he explains why his wands are so powerful.

“Every Ollivander wand has a core of a powerful magical substance, Mr Potter,” Ollivander says. “We use unicorn hairs, phoenix tail feathers and the heartstrings of dragons. No two Ollivander wands are the same, just as no two unicorns, dragons or phoenixes are quite the same. And of course, you will never get such good results with another wizard’s wand.”

A wand is a tool, a way of accessing your wizard magic — a wand tattoo can be much the same way. A lot of tattooed individuals have chosen to put their wands on their forearms or their fingers — large gestures would enable them to feel empowered by their wand tattoos. A single point and not only would your enemy be smote, they’d see you have a wicked wand tattoo aiding in the smiting. So sit back, and consider: where would you get your wand tattoo? What material would it be made of?

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