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Cattoos? Furious and Adorable Illustrations of Felines by Dani Queipo

Cattoos? Furious and Adorable Illustrations of Felines by Dani Queipo

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Even the most ardent dog person is going to fall in love with Dani Queipo's colorful take on these ferocious felines.

Readers of my posts will know that I have a soft spot in my cold art critic's heart for feline imagery, especially in the medium of tattoos. As the proud owner of a Pomeranian, I am not incredibly affectionate toward actual cats, but most likely due to meme culture, I love to comment on virtually every kind of cat tattoo out there, regardless of their breed and the style in which they are rendered. This brings me to today's post: we have showcased his "booty tattoos" as well as a recent post about his bangers in the past, but it is my great pleasure to show you some of the wonderfully bold, sometimes ferocious, and other times cute cat tattoos from Dani Queipo's outstanding portfolio.

As purr-trayed (eh?) by the images above, Queipo's jungle cats are some of the most striking tattoos that he produces. His signature color-on-black outlining gives these beasts a glowing intensity, bringing out the fearsomeness that they convey in real life. His bold work reminds me of the bold lines from Blake's famous poem, "Tyger, tyger, burning bright, / In the forests of the night; / What immortal hand or eye, / Could frame thy fearful symmetry?" Queipo's, that's whose. 

Queipo doesn't just illustrate the bigger, scary species of feline. He does the domesticated kinds as well, and other than those poor souls who are allergic, who doesn't love the ones that rub up against your leg, right? Though they don't emanate the same killer vibe as his jungle cats, his tattoos of the cuddlier sort exude auras of adorableness with their pink and rose-colored outer line-work. In their warmness, they all just make me want to say, "Awww," especially the one that looks like tiger-version of Rafiki's drawing of Simba from The Lion King.  

Baller neo-traditional kitty skull by Dani Queipo. #bold #cats #cattoos #DaniQueipo #traditional #skull

Ending on this kittenish depiction of death, if you liked looking at these fantastic felines, you can check out more of Queipo's body art on his Instagram. He works out of Seven Doors Tattoo in London, so if you're thereabouts and want to adopt your very own new cat tattoo, be an Aristocat and slink on by.

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