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Celebrate Easter With These Hoppin' Happy Bunny Tattoos!

Celebrate Easter With These Hoppin' Happy Bunny Tattoos!

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These Bunny Tattoos will hopefully make you smile on this lovely Easter day.

These Bunny Tattoos are a collection of one of the cutest, fuzziest creatures of the animal kingdom and one that is an icon of Easter Sunday. Many people will head this very morning to their nearest church to thank Jesus for his sacrifice and to celebrate his resurrection. People will be dressed in their finest clothes, children will hunt for eggs and prizes, and many will eat at those church potlucks which always includes the colorful ambrosia fruit salad. One of the holy days of the Christian faith, Easter has evolved over the centuries but these days, you definitely can't have Easter without bunnies.

Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox, so the date changes every year but with no fail, every year, we were the little kids that never found the easter eggs. But that's okay because we grew up to be the kind of people who get bunny tattoos, instead of attend church. To each their own, as we like to say. It is a powerful and transcendent way of life to accept and respect the beliefs of others...and although some of these bunny tattoos probably weren't exactly Easter tattoos, we hope that those who celebrate Easter will get a kick out of this super cute collection.

Perhaps the reason why bunny tattoos exist is because bunny tattoos are cute af. And perhaps the reason why there is such a thing as an Easter Bunny, is also because he is cute af. But also creepy...definitely Google creepy Easter Bunny photos...but for the most part the inclusion of bunnies, baby animals, and eggs is that they are all symbols of fertility and speak to the history of this interesting holiday. Historians can trace Easter back to esoteric religions that celebrate the goddess, Eostre, a spring time deity. But whatever your reason for celebrating this day may be, we hope these bunny tattoos will add a spring in your step and a smile to your heart!

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