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Celebrate The Holidays With These Sticky Sweet Weed Tattoos

Celebrate The Holidays With These Sticky Sweet Weed Tattoos

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How do you think we're going to fit all that holiday food in? We'll give you a hint with these weed tattoos.

You may think that weed tattoos aren't really holiday appropriate but we gracefully disagree. How else do you expect us to get through tons of family gatherings, multiple feasts per day, and the boring task of waiting and waiting and waiting until Santa freakin' shows up n drops the presents off? Smoke n toke, duh! These weed tattoos are actually an homage to our favorite seasonal pastime. Granted, we do it every season...but for this yule tide, and for years before, we've always had our own holiday tradition of hitting the bong here n there. Make merry with the green.

We're, for real, not joking, and it may not work for some but it certainly works for us. There is literally no way we could get through second and third helpings of Christmas dinner without a lil Mary Jane. With the help of our favorite green fairy, we could literally eat our way through every grocery store that dots this fair globe. And on top of that, it helps us stay entertained while Grandpa so and so farts his way through another wonderful retelling of the same tale told every year before the dawn of time. It also makes those xmas twinkle lights twinkle just a tad bit more. Talk about eye candy!!

So as we fondly wave farewell to another year, we grabbed this selection of weed tattoos just for you. We hope that if you haven't found your own secret to success through the stressful, and lovely happy, times of Thanksgiving, xmas, and New Years, then maybe this will be it! Pick up some CBD oil, or perhaps actually go get yourself a Christmas present with your own weed tattoo! Wouldn't that be marvelous? After all, we believe that treating yourself well is one of the secrets to success in this life.

Written byTattoodo

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