Celebrate the Premiere of the New Star Trek with these Tattoos

Celebrate the Premiere of the New Star Trek with these Tattoos

Controversial Opinion: Star Trek is Cool. Here are some tattoos to prove it.

I never really connected with my father. I’m not sure that, to this day, he really understands how to be a father, likely because his relationship with his own father was completely fucked. His paternal instincts were clearly there, as was ample effort to try to figure out this whole “dad” thing, but he never really nailed the fundamentals of the job. Pop did make some efforts to find things for us to enjoy together and to bond through, but none of them were quite as effective as when he shared his love of Star Trek with me.

To most kids, Trek wasn’t cool, especially when compared to Star Wars, but in my eyes, Star Trek was everything. Perhaps I was just indoctrinated into it early enough that my preference for Trek over Wars was never really my own decision, but the fundamentals of Star Trek are still, to this day, so much more endearing to me. The idea of exploring  “strange new worlds” and seeking “new life and new civilizations” opens the imagination and captures what is a fundamental human desire to experience the unknown. As both a child and an immature adult, that alone easily trumps the Star Wars mythology (which is admittedly ever-more interesting when you venture outside the scope of the films).

Enter Star Trek: Discovery, the new series that aims to get the property back on track after years of Chris Pine vehicles that are more CGI-laden action flick than space drama, but still “fun.” The new series has given fans a lot to be optimistic about, and a lot of anxiety as well (original showrunner Bryan Fuller was a celebrated choice to helm the series, but has since handed it off due to his obligations on the excellent American Gods).

Will Discovery suck?

Maybe? Probably? I hope not? We’ll find out on September 24th, when the first two episodes premiere on CBS. What will piss a ton of people off is that the rest of the episodes will air on Access, CBS’s new digital service, something we’ve known for a long time. What will piss even more people off is that the season is being split into two parts, and the back half of the 15 episode run won’t be available until the new year. It’s almost as if CBS wants to alienate an audience of die-hards that will generally find all kinds of things to complain about.

Oh yeah, this website is about tattoos. Which gets me to the root of this fucking article. Star Trek tattoos aren’t as popular as Star Wars tattoos, but they’re still cool in that “oh my god, you’re a fucking nerd” kinda way. We’ve collected a bunch of them to serve as inspiration for our very own Trek tattoos, which we will get if the new series doesn’t suck.

If you want to see more nerdy nonsense like these Star Trek tattoos, check out all of this other geeky ink, like this sick shit from Rick and Morty.

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