Celebrating Beyonce's Twins with Beyonce Tattoos

Celebrating Beyonce's Twins with Beyonce Tattoos

Our Queen Bee is expecting soon, and we're super excited about it.

If you've been feeling a little out of the Beyonce loop lately, since the pop diva's been mostly hanging back from the limelight due to being pregnant and all, never fear. This last weekend, Bey attended a party for her future twin kiddos, lovingly entitled the "Carter Push Party." Us normal folk just call these things "baby showers," but why do anything simply when you're the Queen?

Known for many things but most recently her ability to completely break the internet whenever she so much as drops a hint of a song, Beyonce did her huge belly up in a henna tattoo and held court with her mother, former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, and her friend and tennis star Serena Williams.

The Bey Hive is a dedicated force, one to be reckoned with, and their dedication really shines through their Beyonce tattoos. Some are subtle interpretations of the lyrics, some are all out Bey homages. A strangely popular tattoo is Beyonce tearful, mascara running down her cheeks, on the phone from the 2010 hit "Why Don't You Love Me." 

We'll all just have to be patient for Bey's next big album, 'cause twins are a big deal. We'll just put Lemonade on repeat next to the 2013 visual album, and breathe through it. 

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