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Celebrating Twenty Years of The Mollusk With Ween Tattoos

Celebrating Twenty Years of The Mollusk With Ween Tattoos

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If drugs were a band, they’d be Ween. We’ve got nothing but respect for that

Twenty summers ago, one of the most out-there, fucking weird as hell albums in the history of music was unleashed upon the world. Ween’s “The Mollusk” is nothing short of a musical mind-fuck. The 14 track record explores more territory than any album we can name. In honor of 20 years of sharing the planet with such an incredible piece of art, we’re busting out the Ween tattoos.

They followed up with a string of totally out-there releases – “The Pod,” “Pure Guava,” “Chocolate and Cheese,” and “12 Country Greats.” The two then secluded themselves in a rented house at the Jersey shore to create their masterpiece, “The Mollusk.” If you’ve ever heard the record, you cannot deny that it is one of the most ambitious and unique collections of music ever assembled. Though critically panned upon its release, “The Mollusk” has come to be regarded as the high point in the band’s catalog and one of the best records of the ‘90s.

If these Ween tattoos have left you hungry for all things Ween, we highly recommend you check out this oral history of The Mollusk, straight from the mouth of Dean Ween.

Servo Jefferson
Written byServo Jefferson

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