Celebrating Your Best Friends Forever, Forever with Matching Tattoos

Celebrating Your Best Friends Forever, Forever with Matching Tattoos

Nothing screams "I love my bestie" like a pair of friendship tattoos.

Where would we be without our friends? Stuck alone at home, in our underwear, looking at the internet, eating a bowl of cereal for dinner, that’s where!

Our friends are the only thing that get us through life. Whether they’re helping you move, feigning interest in your dumb stories, or bailing you out of jail (again), your friends will always have your back. And sometimes you’ll have a friendship so tight that the two of you just need to let the world know with matching friendship tattoos. They’ve been there through thick and thin, just as you have. The connection you share is one of the most important things in the world. There is nothing more real than true friendship, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to remind each other of what the other means on a constant basis with some tattoo ink.

Here are a few totally sweet friendship tattoos that really seal the permanence of "best friends forever."  From beautiful matching cherry blossoms done by La Patty Inkheart, to super cute ice cream unicorns by Alexa Moya, or even a great little Simpsons piece by Amy Trouble, all of these tattoos just scream, "I love my best friend!"

There’s no wrong way to do friendship tattoos.  They can be as simple or
 complex as you want.  They can match, or be two halves to a whole –
just like you and your bestie.  There’s just something magical about
walking into a tattoo shop with your tightest bud and walking out with a
 lifelong reminder of your lifelong bond.  

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